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A Simple Test for Determining How Often

You Need to Sharpen Your Shears

The national average is three months.You can start there, and add or subtract months based on the following statements.

Add one month if you use the following practices:

  • Clean shears with a chamois or soft cloth after every haircut.

  • Apply oil to the pivot screw daily.

  • Check pivot screw adjustment daily, and make adjustments as needed.

  • Alternate between two or more pair of shears for most cutting.

  • Store shears in a leather case when not in use.

Subtract one month for:

  • Slide cutting using your shears.

  • For each 200 cuttings per month.

  • For cutting dry, unwashed, or hair with product in it.

  • For using a right handed shear with your left hand.

  • Cutting mannequins.

  • Cutting through chlorine.

If you drop your shears, or cut something besides hair, please have them sharpened right away!

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