Are you a beautician or barber and have shears that are dull or hard to cut? Are your clipper blades dragging or pulling? I can make them like new again. 


I am certified to sharpen convex and concave shears, and am also certified to sharpen and maintain clippers and clipper blades. 

One of the best parts of my services, if you need them, I can provide you with excellent quality loaner shears for you to use while I sharpen yours. I understand that shears are a very personal thing, and you don't like to be without them for any length of time. For that reason, I have gone the extra mile and have some excellent quality shears for use to use as loaner shears while I sharpen yours. I want you to be 100% satisfied with the service I provide you from the start. That is how I build my business.

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Steve Bridger, Owner

11524 N Virginia Ave

Kansas City, MO 64155


Candy Bridger


Are you a groomer with shears or blades that need sharpened? Could you use a new drive blade? I can help you out! I can sharpen your shears and blades, and I carry replacement blade drives. 

I am trained and certified to sharpen not only shears but clipper blades as well. I have all of the proper equipment on hand to do the job right the first time! My services include taking everything apart, thoroughly cleaning, sharpening, putting it all back together, adjusting tension and testing to make sure everything is working properly and cutting like new again before I return your tools of the trade to you.


Are you a seamstress or crafter? Are your multipurpose scissors dull? I sharpen these scissors too!


Dull Knives?  I can make them cut like a dream again.


Whether you are a homemaker, a chef, a hunter, a carpenter, a carpet layer, a good edge on your knife is important. Nobody likes taking out a knife and having it be so dull it is useless. I have found that most people don't even realize what it is like to use knives that are nice and sharp.

Different blades require different angles, different stones and even tools to put an edge on them. For most knives, I use a slow water-cooled stone on a wheel. Ceramic blades need to be done using diamond coated equipment, while other knives require using an oil stone method. Each method has its own benefit for the knife in question