Shears & Scissors

At Sundog, our sharpeners are trained and well qualified to sharpen, and, if necessary, repair your shears, blades and scissors. We offer professional quality sharpening, with fast turn-around times, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take great pride in our customer service and want to make sure our customers are happy each and every time!

Some of the extras you will get with Sundog Sharpening are:

  • Screws and washers replaced at no charge

  • One finger ring replacement at no charge


Unsure how often you should have your shears sharpened?

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What We Do

  • Check for nicks and rough spots

  • Clean completely, removing any dirt, debris or sticky film

  • Professionally sharpen to the ultimate edge

  • Tips realigned if necessary

  • Blade set checked and adjusted if necessary

  • Free Fall Set

  • Damaged parts replaced (i.e., screws, washers, glides or bumpers) at no additional charge

  • Moving parts are lubricated

  • Ride added

  • Sanitized with medically approved solution

  • Tested and inspected for perfection